On the plane thoughts, little kids, family fun

So I had to share my current situation, which by the time you read this I hopefully will be passed OUT!

But it was a long road to get to that point. The flights today were bumpy, that is first. My first flight had about half the flight shaking. The 2nd, the long one, so far has been the same. It’s been about 3-4 hours in and at least half the flight has been uncomfortably turbulent. I have to say thank God I took some Bonine. Now if I only could get ear plugs…

Yea I have a baby and a toddler behind me…. Oh there they go again, great! They have screamed and cried Nd kickenddj <— see! And kicked almost the whole time. I think they were quiet while they were eating and that lasted about 30 min. There is no way I can sleep, my headphones do a good job of drowning out the noise along with my music but still, the kicking.

This has brought me to one thing though. I think worse than a little baby or more specifically a toddler screaming is when the parent has lost patience and i see them to start border-line abusing to get them to stop. Seeing this mother discipline her son to the point of ripping out of his hand the paper he had and then pushing him down in his seat is hard. I felt terrible, I mean I hate the kicking and screaming but I understand it and would never want to be in that situation. I guess this is why I will be the pushover parent for the most part. Haha that will be great… Oh the screaming behind me….

But then….

Just as I see this happen, the mother disciplining her son, and as I expect things to get worse, I see the toddler smile and laugh because he thinks "Mom is playing with me." I immediately no longer feel a hole in my gut. Kids are amazingly resilient, they are truly gifts to everyone.

I then think, that little fucker, the mom should have hit him harder!! Weird huh? 😉

UuGgHhhhh he kicked me again!!

I love you Dad and Mom.


Sheraton hotel puts TV in bathroom

So it’s true and it’s funny to see. It even pulls out and angles so you can watch from the shower!

On the road again – to Amsterdam for three days

Ok so trying to keep up with the blogging thing, and the next big trip is here: to Amsterdam. It’s too bad though because I checked the weather for NC and it’s supposed to be 90 degrees all week.

I also just got Jordan back on the road, she had been on jack stands for about a month while I put new rotors, pads, and stainless steel lines on.
I went with:
– Brembo Slotted Rotors
– Hawk HPS (high performance street) pads
– Russell stainless steel lines

I will post pictures in the next blog

Well the plane is boarding and about to take off.

Oh and one last thing, this WordPress app is sweet, it even has a widescreen keyboard!!!

Do you know what that is?

Its a thing of beauty.

A 7 hour flight and that my friends is an empty seat next to me!

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On the road again…

Just a short trip up to Philly. In and out in a day, should be back tuesday night.

So quick thought on airport food. Its way over priced, under sized, and pre-packaged. Sounds like a concert or movie theater. But I understand this and we all accept it. But a restaurant is a restaurant anywhere right? So why is it that 7 times out of 10 when I eat at a restaurant in an airport the order is messed up! I mean come on, its a smaller than usual size menu with limited options!

I just don't think that is acceptable.


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Finally Its happened to me….

Finally I get a room upgrade and boy was this a room upgrade. At the Radnor Hotel in Radnor, PA they put me in the Suite. Wow…. I was so surprised that this was the room.

Home and liking it

So I made it home safe and sound. Travel plans were not too difficult this time, it was a quick in and out of PA with no delays.

So far this week has been a long one with lots to catch up and lots of things to think about outside of work. Today I am taking a day to myself to get some stuff done.