How Obama’s loss was due to Jon Moody – Politics Moving into Interactive Space

Websites, blogs, news feeds, videos, emails, all are new ways politics are reaching out to get a vote. Most of the time these experiences are forced and lack creativity. I appreciate receiving the news that I care about and if that includes politics then great. However, once and a while something comes across that makes me laugh and surprises me.

This email was just sent to me and is absolutely funny and clever!

See how Obama’s loss has been traced back to Jon Moody.


Politics and Cell Phone Reception

I know of specifically two people that would have loved to have this type of “influence.” I don’t know if this speaks to the power or manipulation of a political figure like John McCain but it certainly does bother me. Instead of cell phone providers admitting and working to improve upon the multiple dead zones across this country they are giving out freebies to people least of which need freebies, like the presidential candidate.

Granted one could argue their cell reception is more important than ours, if McCain misses a call a raid into Iraq could ensue; if we miss a call we miss dinner at home. Exaggerated I know but you see the point.

Still the cell providers want to ignore the fact that they can’t support America’s popularity with mobile devices AND in my opinion over sell a product which causes their cell network bandwidth and reception to crap out…(ahem ahem AT&T and iPhone)>.. Excuse me 🙂

This will be talked about again I am sure as it is 15 days from my contract ending with AT&T and my decision to go Blackberry Bold OR Apple iPhone 3g.

Anyway, I saw this article and thought it was worth sending around.

AT&T and Verizon build special cell tower at John McCain’s house to fix reception problems

Should drinking age be lowered to 18?

I go back and forth on this. Let's just say I am for it, and here is why. Drinking is being done by kids from 14 up to 21 so will lowering the drinking age change won't be that big of a deal.

Yes 18 year olds will now be able to buy it but the laws are still in place. How many times have you heard of someone who was busted for underage drinking and driving? If they are drunk they caught no matter the age. This law change won't allow drinking and driving for 18 year old kids, big difference.

It also does not matter if they are under or over 21, if they want to drink kids are resourceful and will find ways. If it was legal for 18 year olds then it might be easier to monitor. Its also not a bad idea to introduce alcohol to 18 year olds to allow them to get used to the side affects and cause/affects while they are still somewhat under parental supervision. Finding alcohol while in college put so many kids I went to school with in the hospital or jail.

Allowing 18 year olds to start drinking while still at home also has another positive affect. If kids are choosing to drink while at home with parents then maybe it will allow them to see drinking as a more social activity and not as something that needs to be done in secret and in large quantities because everyone else is binging. This will bring a different light to the idea of drinking.

Now of course there are exceptions, this won't matter if the parents are alcoholics, if the parents still try to control the alcohol consumption, and of course kids will be kids.

On another note simply because there will be a larger number of kids allowed to drink, this will lead to a bit more drunk driving caused traffic violations which will bring in more money for police forces and this could actually improve the bar/restaurant/waiter industry, maybe even the economy???


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