Transformers 2 – I can’t wait!!


Which Movie are YOU looking forward to seeing this summer (Scroll Down for Other Posts)

I can’t wait, I will probably see them all but I was curious to see which ones you were most interested in seeing. So here is a Poll for ya!

Quick Post: Seeing Wolverine tonight

Going to see Wolverine tonight, I am very excited for this movie. I love all the X-Men movies and I think Hugh Jackman can pull this off.

We will see….

A Tribute to the "Voice Over Guy" – Don LaFontaine

So I heard about this news story where the “Voice Over Guy” Don LaFontaine passed. I thought no big deal until I realized where I had heard his voice and what he did. Wow, I guarantee that everyone has heard his voice. He has done over 5000 movie previews for all the top box office hits.

But what really made me want to include his story here was his personality. I saw some videos of interviews and he just seemed like a great guy. His voice being so popular and well known but he was still so humble. People would call and leave messages asking if he could do their voicemail and on his own time, in between recording multimillion dollar movie previews/trailers, he would.

Movies to see? I have been out of pocket with traveling

Ok so I have been out of pocket traveling in Europe. No big deal right!
But I have missed some movies that have come out and I wanted to know of any of them were any good.

I am quite interested in seeing the comedy “Son of Rambow” it looks like it would be a good laugh and bit out of the norm; and as it is not a US based movie it might be a good transition from Europe back home (or it might freak me out.)

I am not sure if I will see “21” because I have heard although it was done well it was expected. But it does take place from a local school to Boston area… but eh. I am sure Kevin Spacey did a good job but not sure if its worth my $6 or $9.

Now “Street Kings” could be the action packed movie I am always up for… or it could be somewhat cheesy with Keanu Reeves as a ass-kicking cop? He was quite bad-ass in Matrix but he did not talk much and it was his lack of movement, until needed, that made him that. He also tried to be cool in “Speed” but I don’t know if I would have called him bad-ass or more of a hero-ish.

Anyone heard of “In Bruges”? It appears to have ranked well in the movie critic site, but I have never heard of it or seen a trailor. I know it has Colin Farrell in it which could be good but other than that I think it has a low lying cast.

And then of course there is always “Iron Man” which looks pretty cool. I have heard they are even making a movie out of the trailers. Now only if the movie lives up to the trailers then we should have a Blockbuster Hit in the realm of Spider Man, X-Men, Batman Begins, The Hulk, Armageddon, I am Legend, 300, The Matrix, Gladiator, Transformers, The Day After Tomorrow, Titanic, King Kong, Independence Day, Apollo 13, Con Air, The Rock, Crimson Tide, The Hunt For Red October, Die Hard (all of them), Top Gun, Terminator.

Hey I think I just came up with my top movie list…

Movies this weekend 01/27

So I saw two movies this weekend. One was a surprise winner and one was a surprise disappointment.

Untraceable – Not very good. Had some interesting parts to do with technology online, computers, and tracking down web thieves and pedophiles but in the end quite cheesy. I thought the idea was good, an online site that will hurt or kill victims faster as more people enjoy watching. I nice irony on my generation of YouTube. My friend Scott described the movie best by saying “it looked like the producer got lazy at the end.” We thought the ending was quite funny vs dramatic. Chakkakkahh!

Juno – Suggested to us by some friends of ours and it was worth it! A very interesting and honest look at a young punk, against the grain girl, with a great sense of dry humor and wordy catch phrases, who gets pregnant at 16 and how she deals with it. I definitely thought this was cute and funny. From the same directors I believe as SuperBad and Knocked Up, I like that style not very mainstream but still quite funny in its own way.

Late Movie Inclusion:

Cloverfield – Very cool movie, large expense and done well. A cross between Godzilla and Blair Witch. Horrible monster comes to NY; all being tracked from same group of people when the monster was first spotted through the desctruction of NY with handheld camera. For some I would suggest taking some motion sickness pills but I very much enjoyed it.