Looking for Furniture and accepting offers / Ideas

So I will be in need of some furniture soon. I thought I would let everyone know and any ideas on the web you have are welcome.

I am thinking I will check out:
Rooms To Go
Triangle.com Classifieds

but if anyone else has any other good ideas let me know.

oh and I also might try IKEA

I am local to Raleigh, NC


And the final product …

Wow, I can’t believe this is done! Three days of sawing, pounding, filing, vaccuming and finally we get to see the final product. I have to say it looks pretty darn good, only problem is now you notice the age of the counters, appliances and floor! Still a great investment! Enjoy the pics.

~ Crystal & Jon

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Kitchen Cabinets – Goodbye Honey Oak!

I was thinking we should send you all the “before” pictures again, so you can really see the drastic difference when it is completed today!
We’ll update with the “finished” product tonight!
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Kitchen Re-Facing finally underway thanks to Home Depot

So after so much consideration and deliberation, finally the choice has been made to Re-Face the cabinets. Its a balance between pricing the house out of the market and still doing something that will set the place off while not spending too much. I think this is the way to go and so far it is looking quite good. I can’t wait to see it when it is done. The soon to be “custom cabinets” should be done Wednesday.
Here are some previews.

Good to be home

Been home for 5 days so far and it has been really nice. No worrying about catching trains, buses, or cabs and sleeping in my own bed and driving my own car. Although it was without Crystal and I was missing her most of all.

But on a brighter note I was able to get some chores done, mowed the lawn, relax and I did volunteer to help out out Rockstar Inc., with some some electronic “hand-eye coordination” quality assurance testing with Keith and Scott. I think they have a fine and fun product 😉

Car is 130% now, finally got the alignment needed after installing the HR Race Springs, Maximum Motorsport Caster Camber kit and some Polyurethane steering rack bushings. Now she sits about 1.5″ lower, much more responsive in both suspension and steering, and is perfectly aligned with the help of the extra adjustments from the caster camber kit.

I am ready for summer!!!


NC sells huge children

One of those times where you wish you could re-write what's on the sign.

Apparently we sell huge children.
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Quick Review of Washers and Dryers: 101…. Sort of

Time may come sooner than we hoped to get a new washer and dryer. We still got a good 4 years out of a $350 washer and dryer set. So the research begins and if you want to see what I came up with keep reading…

First of all lets break this down into three areas: washers, dryers, and the respective detergents.

First washers:
From what I can see either way for a decent scoring washer we are looking at from 500 to 800 dollars. This is of course depending on the load style and the options. In general the best top loading washers perform as well as a middle level front loader. This is because the industry has put such energy restrictions on washing machines forcing the top loaders to try and use less water or other tactics that frankly don’t live up to what they used to be able to do. Good news is that Front loaders are in the 600 to 700 range and ranked quite well in consumer reports. Now some other tips, for a washing machine the most durable tub is stainless steel, followed by plastic, and then porcelain. Stainless steel won’t rust and it allows the washer to spin faster which will take most of the moisture out of clothes making the dryer’s job easier. We also want to keep in mind having a washer with some custom settings is key to make sure certain load types are washed, most of the nice ones have automatic temp sensors so they will do everything automatically but still it might be nice to have a hot wash AND hot rinse option if possible. Another nice option on these are they have automatic detergent and bleach release mechanisms. Some can stack but not really interesting for me. More on the types of detergents in section 3

Front Loading Washers
1. Frigidaire Gallery GLTF2940FS – Score 78 out of 81, $700 at sears (best buy award), Consumer Reports Best Buy award, and $700 at lowes, some complaints about quality and poor seal
2. LG WM2016CW – 78 out of 81, $700 at Home Depot and sears, very little negative complaints

Top Loading Washers
1. GE WJRE5500GWW – 64 out of 75, $500 Lowes, good wash but not so great on efficiency
2. Maytag MTW5800TW – 63 out of 75, $550 at Lowes

Second Dryers:
In general Dryers are a bit less expensive than washers but still can be quite costly. The new benefit that seems to set the benchmark is whether or not a dryer has a moisture sensor. This basically determines if there is any moisture on clothes in order to determine how long and if it should keep or turn off the heat. This is great but with some of the low end dryers with a sensor or a load with a mix of towels and clothes this can cause heavy clothes or towels to not completely dry. This only gets worse if we do not keep the moisture sensor clean with alcohol swabs. Another feature is most of the nice dryers have moved the lint traps into the drum, this is good because it does not let lint fly everywhere when cleaning but for some dryers these lint traps are hard to get to (relatively speaking.) Also, it is key to note that stainless steel drums in dryers is not actually preferred and not needed. And the last point is the ones I chose below not only have buzzers but they can also be adjusted!!! Thank god!! In fact some of the ones below people have complained that they are too quiet, believe that?

1. GE DBVH512EFWW – Score 83 out of 85, $630 Home Depot and $750 Lowes, Temp Sensor, dial and push button controls for some customization, window
2. Kenmoore Elite Oasis 6703 – 81 out of 85, $800 sears
3. GE Profile DPSE810EGWT – 79 out of 85, $550 sears, some complaints of noise, more traditional style no window

Third Detergents:
So with these different types of washers we have to specifically keep in mind the kind of detergent to use. These new energy efficient washers use less water therefore the detergent has to use less water.
1. Front Loaders use High Efficiency detergents specifically Tide Free High Efficiency and Gain High Efficiency are best.
2. For bright whites we should use a detergent with optical brighteners in it but ONLY for whites. Using the same detergent with optical brighteners for a dark load may make the clothes look faded. Good Resource Here: Pinstripes and PolkaDots
3. We should stay away from any detergents that have NPEs in them (Nonylphenol ethoxylates)

For conventional washer machines Tide received the top 3 rankings in consumer reports for washing quality which I thought was interesting for what we have now

Okay that is my info for the day 