Links: 5 Trademarks of a douchebag

I had to add this when I saw it.  You all know who this douche is…

I have to be honest, I have been infected with this disease. It was tough to pull out of but I did and am much happier without it!


Dog dreaming – All the times you imagined what your dog was dreaming about

I had to post this when I saw the video. It reminds me of all the times I saw Roxy move her legs in her sleep, just this takes it to a.. whole… other…. level. Its priceless!!

I don’t mean any harm to dogs, nor do I condone the act of laughing at them at their expense. However this was funny!

Meet J Moods – Online Personality of Me

Say hello to J Moods.

A popular trend for people to create a personality online. Photobucket offers the mEeZmaker to help give life to an online personality. Thought it would be fun, keeping up with the Joneses and all.. besides who doesn’t have one of these already?

Like me he likes cars, keeps his hair semi-messy, doesn’t like to keep a clean shaven face all the time, has blueish eyes, and is athletic.

Ok so maybe he went tanning and let his hair grow out longer than me but still… 🙂

I don’t know anything else about him as I have not made it up yet.

NC sells huge children

One of those times where you wish you could re-write what's on the sign.

Apparently we sell huge children.
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