Night out to watch Boxing match at Champs

Went for a cruise to Champs in north Raleigh to see boxing match with Keith and his brother in-law. It was of course a great excuse to further put some miles on the Cobra to wear the brakes in. It was a beautiful night, top down, music up type of drive. We also met another cobra owner who had put much more money in to his which was respectably done.

We have to have more of those and get Scott and Bryan to come too!

While there we snapped some night shots of the cars.


Keith’s new Audi A4 – short walk around and exhaust video

Keith got a new Audi A4, after searching and searching for an S4 with no luck he decided to try something a bit newer.  I think he made the right choice as this car is pretty, handles well, still has factory warranty (probably for not long if he chips it), and it is something he can keep for a long time as Trent gets older.

I should also add…. nevermind the music I added on the next video.  I was playing around with Windows Movie Maker to make the exact same type of video everyone makes of their car as a joke for Keith.  Everything from the entry text going back and forth to the music is a typical Windows Movie Maker option.

Ricers are funny – Scott got me hooked on looking for this funny stuff

So Scott has decided to start a little venture into “Why” people do/put things on and to their cars. Part of this project includes finding and taking a picture of these fine examples of automotive stupidity. He recently has found a few different examples of some crazy, stupid, and funny stuff that people have done to their cars. Usually its a wing on a Honda hoping it creates downforce…. little did they realize its a front wheel drive car. Others have added stickers or graphics to make them look cooler…. but did not have enough money to finish the paint job. He could go on and on and it has been fun looking out so I have decided to do some talking about it.

To start, its about Ricers. Now this is very different from Tuners. Ricers are import performance driving wannabees, where a Tuner is someone who may drive an import but modifies and improves upon the base platform in a meaningful and intelligent way to get more performance. I found this funny skit that does not define the difference between Tuners and Ricers but is funny none the less because it is true.

Ricers Are Funny

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