Lunch of a champion… You all are jealous

Its an important part of anyone's day. It helps give you the energy to carry through the last 5 or 6 hours of work you have left. For me its food, its healthy, and its cheap. But it sure is hard to enjoy while sitting in the office and not leaving to go outside for lunch and get some sun aka Mr. Vitamin D.

I think I will go out later today to get some errands done as I work through lunch.


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Belgium Chocolate looks good in Belgium Airport

So I am sure locals will scoffe at the thought of eating airport chocolate but I had to stop by the Belgium Chocolate factory in the Belgium airport. It looked so good, definitely a bit higher end than a local Godiva store! I would have tried more but it is 8:00 in the morning


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House of Challenges: Everything promised and more

So after my night at the house of challenges I just wanted to give a quick update. What a great idea!!

There were 35!!!! rooms to choose from and each one had a different challenge in them. Everything from 4 ft by 4 ft size puzzles, to mini golf, to mystery game, to basketball, frisbee throwing, and even rock wall climbing and tunnel searching! It was so well thought out.

However, it would be alot different in the US, for example the one here in Malmo, Sweden had a rock wall that did not have any floor mats or safety gear.

Each team is given an access code and before you enter each room you have to enter your code, then once inside you have a certain time limit to figure the puzzles out. If you fail then you get boo’d and are asked to leave so you can try that one again or another. If you win then you get an applause and then the points for that room are added to your score. The team with the highest score after two hours wins.

We ate food first, food was okay but nothing exciting, then we played the games, and then we had dessert (which was very very good!)

by the way: our team came in 3rd (teams 1 and 2 cheated)

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Anyone heard of a "house of challenges" restaurant?

After a long day of preparing and giving presentations we are finally done. The whole week was leading up to putting together an end to end sales pitch and proof of concept. Quite different for me being in marketing and not in sales. But as a group we pulled it off, baring some curve balls and slightly tricky questions followed by both presentations having pieces that need to be re-done.

Our group was quite fun, we worked well together which made the whole experience that much better.

We had Christine from UK office, christian from the german office, Anna from the Nordice office in sweden, Nicklaus from the same Nordic office, and of course Fabrice from the French office. All different roles from sales, tech consultant, HOUR, to Marketing.

Wow am I tired, have I said that yet?

Mentally I am quite exhausted.

I do miss home, especially Crystal. But as advice to anyone being away from loved ones having a webcam is definitely a huge improvement in staying in touch than just passing emails or phone call.

Well out to dinner at this house of challenges place. Apparently we split into multiple teams and each go into separate rooms to accomplish challenges. I believe the food is very good but the goal is more team building.

If anyone has been there let me know what you thought?


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