If there ever was a reason to sell my 2003 Mustang Cobra

It would be to do something like this. I really like how different this is and how you just don’t see this on the road these days. I mean I know its not practical, I know its not user friendly, and there are a few things or a checklist you have to go through each time you drive it. But let’s be honest that is why I love cars, customizing cars, and pushing them to their limits. I go through those same things today with my Mustang. Once I swapped out the supercharger for a Kenne Bell, put in Ford GT fuel pumps and methanol injection, and installed the roll cage it was not the same car. But I love it, its a totally unique experience going for a ride in the Mustang.

In fact recently one of my co-workers wanted to go for a ride. He had heard a lot about my car and what it had but he just did not know. I took him for a ride…… and he clearly felt what the car could do. His heart rate skyrocketed, so did mine, and he was completely taken back by the shear power it has. Days like that make me LOVE the car and remind me why I did what I did with it. I WILL miss that straight line, neck whiping, shear monster torque on tap power if I were to ever sell. But something like this below is just beautiful and rare these days.

We will see what happens in the next year. Timing is tough right now as my family is growing and having this car in the garage may be harder to drive or maintain over the next few years. It may be something I hang on to in order to keep that enjoyment and once the family situation allows for more time I may start up a project like this.

I see friends right now with their families and I really can’t wait until that time when I can share my love for muscle cars and big trucks with my little ones and perhaps we can even start working on a project car!


So it’s been a while, what have I been up to…

Short answer is a lot but yet not that much.

  • Between traveling for work (San Francisco, Amsterdam, San Francisco again)
  • Taking mini trips here and there (going to Nags Head this weekend)
  • Taking a Vacation or “Staycation – meaning a vacation but staying home and having family visit
  • And of course work

That pretty much sums it up but there have been some interesting stories along the way.  Now if only I can remember them all.

First, it was great to have a vacation, to actually take the time to relax and not check email (as much.) That really was some time wellIMG_1265 IMG_1272spent and it was that much better to be with family. We had a great time going to Frankie’s and doing some mini-golf and Go Carts, went to the butterfly house in Durham, and saw a couple good movies.  Other than that time was spent hanging out, enjoying the company of my brother and mom and watching TV or even playing some Xbox.  Yup that is right! My Mom, brother, and I were taking turns playing some Peggle, and each of us were getting quite competitive. I should have grabbed a picture of my mom holding an Xbox controller! Classic!

Which reminds me, I would not recommend seeing “The Hangover” with any family other than siblings!

IMG_1227IMG_1225My trip and upcoming trip to San Francisco was great. It was only the 2nd time I had been on the west coast and I really enjoy the new scenery.  The rocky coasts, trendy restaurants, sunny warm but not scorching hot days, and the history of San Francisco were all very nice. It certainly is a place to visit. I also got to see the Tanner’s house from Full House, drive on that super windy street that is famous for how sharp its turns are, I saw some cable cars, and the most interesting were how steep the roads were. I mean some streets felt like you were going up a roller coaster, cresting at the top, and then plunging without being able to see the road over the dashboard, crazy!!

Work has been keeping me really busy. I am still getting used to the new boss and his work style as well as some of the management processes. I have moved to focusing on analytics for the company which has me neck deep in excel reports, not the most fun but I do like numbers and analyzing figures so that has been a new challenge.

Other than that, not much else.  I have not done much to the Mustang just enjoyed driving her. I did swap out the self adjusting clutch quadrant (made of plastic) for a steel one and added a firewall adjuster. Definitely provides a more direct feel to the clutch engagement and release. Many thanks to Bryan for helping with that.  The Maxima still feels like its on its last legs with the starting issue. It might be a wiring issue because it seems to be inconsistent and if there are some wires exposed and touching with the hot and cold temperatures that could explain a lot! It does have over 190,000 miles so things like this are expected.


well that is all I can remember for now. I will add some more news soon

On the plane thoughts, little kids, family fun

So I had to share my current situation, which by the time you read this I hopefully will be passed OUT!

But it was a long road to get to that point. The flights today were bumpy, that is first. My first flight had about half the flight shaking. The 2nd, the long one, so far has been the same. It’s been about 3-4 hours in and at least half the flight has been uncomfortably turbulent. I have to say thank God I took some Bonine. Now if I only could get ear plugs…

Yea I have a baby and a toddler behind me…. Oh there they go again, great! They have screamed and cried Nd kickenddj <— see! And kicked almost the whole time. I think they were quiet while they were eating and that lasted about 30 min. There is no way I can sleep, my headphones do a good job of drowning out the noise along with my music but still, the kicking.

This has brought me to one thing though. I think worse than a little baby or more specifically a toddler screaming is when the parent has lost patience and i see them to start border-line abusing to get them to stop. Seeing this mother discipline her son to the point of ripping out of his hand the paper he had and then pushing him down in his seat is hard. I felt terrible, I mean I hate the kicking and screaming but I understand it and would never want to be in that situation. I guess this is why I will be the pushover parent for the most part. Haha that will be great… Oh the screaming behind me….

But then….

Just as I see this happen, the mother disciplining her son, and as I expect things to get worse, I see the toddler smile and laugh because he thinks "Mom is playing with me." I immediately no longer feel a hole in my gut. Kids are amazingly resilient, they are truly gifts to everyone.

I then think, that little fucker, the mom should have hit him harder!! Weird huh? 😉

UuGgHhhhh he kicked me again!!

I love you Dad and Mom.

Chance the ferocious cat


Originally uploaded by 87whitevert

hehe in my backyard before I mowed it!! There are more pictures to come of him

Updated Blog Name Change

I have now changed my Blog name back to Moody Man Jr

The address is: http://moodymanjr.blogspot.com

This is a hard decision to make based on the original intent of adding Family but oh well.

Long time since last post

I just wanted to say to everyone. It has been a long time since I have posted here and so I thought I would just say hi. I have talked with many of you so its not like I have been off the face of the planet but still this avenue of communication has been quiet.

I am thinking about changing the name of the blog, perhaps changing the focus of it a bit but something a bit less family oriented.

anyway, not sure what it will be but I will let you know