NC gets some snow!


Originally uploaded by Moody03SVT

yes we did, we actually saw close to 6″ of snow. It happened over night so it was truly one of those times where you go to bed and nothing is happening but then you wake up in the morning and everything is white, I mean EVERYTHING! it is something you just don’t see down here and it happened Christmas night! When I was young this would have been something I dreamed about because school will be closed tomorrow and I get to play in the snow as much as I want.

Well…. to be honest I still am that kid. Instead now I already had the week off and I have Big Joe to play with in the snow as much as I want. We went for a drive around Raleigh and side roads and took many shots.

It was beautiful, we saw sledding spots, cars spun out, Bojangles was still open, parking lots were snow covered fields, roads were quiet, and we even found some side roads that were untouched!

I hope to remember this because this probably won’t happen again for a very very long time!


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