NC gets some snow!


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yes we did, we actually saw close to 6″ of snow. It happened over night so it was truly one of those times where you go to bed and nothing is happening but then you wake up in the morning and everything is white, I mean EVERYTHING! it is something you just don’t see down here and it happened Christmas night! When I was young this would have been something I dreamed about because school will be closed tomorrow and I get to play in the snow as much as I want.

Well…. to be honest I still am that kid. Instead now I already had the week off and I have Big Joe to play with in the snow as much as I want. We went for a drive around Raleigh and side roads and took many shots.

It was beautiful, we saw sledding spots, cars spun out, Bojangles was still open, parking lots were snow covered fields, roads were quiet, and we even found some side roads that were untouched!

I hope to remember this because this probably won’t happen again for a very very long time!


Installed 6″ ProComp Stage2 w/ rear MX-6 Shocks & 5.5″ block – 35″ Trail Grapplers

This was actually done a couple months ago but just getting around to blogging again. Although the next challenges we face are getting in and out of it, in and out of the bed of the truck, and in the future getting a baby seat in and out of it 🙂

So as Scott knows, my love for big trucks was muffled or distracted by the Mustang.  First came the black rims and slightly bigger tires with the 2″ leveling kit. That was great for me to try out and experience but I wanted to see if I could go higher.

I just wanted to document this lift and for all to see. If you have any questions or want more pictures of different pieces let me know below in thread.

*All pictures taken with iPhone 4*


BigJoe StyleSideShot F150 XD Series Monster Rims 18×9 Nitto Dune Grapplers by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

– with 600Ibs of tires in back, with the 5.5″ block it actually still has a rake to it. see below..

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – side with 600Ibs tires in bed by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

I love it and it was worth every penny. I had a shop install it in 3 days and now it rides 200% better than stock, looks awesome, and the truck feels high.

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – sitting in parking lot by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

I went with the Pro Comp stage2 for the coilovers and adjustable rear shocks. I also went for the Pro Comp 5.5″ block in the rear vs the stacked blocks, I also think this added 1″ to the rear because the U-bolts that came with the Pro Comp kit no longer fit.

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – coilovers nitto trail grapplers by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – 5.5" block and mx6 shocks by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

I added 35″ Nitto Trail Grapplers on 18″ XD Monster Rims with a 4.55 backspace (or -12mm offset). I used to have 33″ Nitto Dune Grapplers and as you can see they are a bit smaller!!

35inch Nitto Trail Grapplers vs 33" Nitto Dune Grapplers by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

I also should comment that the Trail Grapplers DEF feel more like off road tires than the Nitto Dune Grapplers. At very slow speeds you can feel the nubs and there is a bit of a hum on highway but its barely noticeable usually.

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – side undercarriage by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

I will be adding a tuner but as of now I am running the factory 3.73 gears with factory tune. I do have a K&N Cold Air Intake and an exhaust. I think the truck can handle these tires, I don’t tow, but every day driving I do NOT Feel the truck is searching for gears. Now of course if I want to give it very little gas going up a hill in 4th gear then yes it will downshift quickly but that is all I need.

I LOVE the stance the truck has. It is dirty in these shots but I will update them with clean shots later.

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – fron angle – Adjusted Lightened UpMoody03SVT, on Flickr by

Close up of the Strut Rods that are included with the kit to help stiffen the front crossmember and suspension upon heavy impacts.

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – strut rods by Moody03SVT, on Flickr

Undercarriage close up with no skid plate. I never liked the design of the Pro Comp kit skid plate (the old design) but now that this one is on my truck I love it. Maybe that will change if it rusts… **Update – I have seen the new Skid Plates for this kit and they are very pretty, maybe next year for my birthday I will add it.

07 f150 6inch Pro Comp Stage2 lift – front undercarriage crossmemberMoody03SVT, on Flickr

So far after a couple days of driving:

Truck is so much smoother and takes bumps a lot better! I can’t believe it to be honest. Still love the tires, they are not that loud at all. Only way you know they are off-road tires is when you are going 1-5 mph you can feel the nubs.

The truck still corners well I think but when I take off from a stop I can feel the tires just slightly give a little like they are biting into the road.

Oh and… It’s high off the ground. Getting in to the bed of the truck is a bit of a challenge. I am 5’10” and the bed of the truck is at about waist height. I might need to find something to help me with that.

I did end up getting the new tuner and finally the custom tune. The video below only is of the tuner with the default 87 tow tune. This was used so the truck was safe (aka rich in fuel) until the custom tunes came in. They finally came in when I put on the 93 performance tune I DEFINITELY felt the power increase. The instant throttle response and much more aggressive part throttle power is very nice to have. I have not really given it the beans yet (for all the brits out there) but I will probably do another post.

If there ever was a reason to sell my 2003 Mustang Cobra

It would be to do something like this. I really like how different this is and how you just don’t see this on the road these days. I mean I know its not practical, I know its not user friendly, and there are a few things or a checklist you have to go through each time you drive it. But let’s be honest that is why I love cars, customizing cars, and pushing them to their limits. I go through those same things today with my Mustang. Once I swapped out the supercharger for a Kenne Bell, put in Ford GT fuel pumps and methanol injection, and installed the roll cage it was not the same car. But I love it, its a totally unique experience going for a ride in the Mustang.

In fact recently one of my co-workers wanted to go for a ride. He had heard a lot about my car and what it had but he just did not know. I took him for a ride…… and he clearly felt what the car could do. His heart rate skyrocketed, so did mine, and he was completely taken back by the shear power it has. Days like that make me LOVE the car and remind me why I did what I did with it. I WILL miss that straight line, neck whiping, shear monster torque on tap power if I were to ever sell. But something like this below is just beautiful and rare these days.

We will see what happens in the next year. Timing is tough right now as my family is growing and having this car in the garage may be harder to drive or maintain over the next few years. It may be something I hang on to in order to keep that enjoyment and once the family situation allows for more time I may start up a project like this.

I see friends right now with their families and I really can’t wait until that time when I can share my love for muscle cars and big trucks with my little ones and perhaps we can even start working on a project car!