Played a little with Droid – Nice stuff, “kind of jealous” says iPhone users

So I had a chance to play with a Droid the other day. I was happy with it and me being a tech junky was kind of wishing I could use it as a new toy. It was really my first experience with the Android platform and it seemed smooth. Obviously there were differences between the iPhone and it, but overall it was just as nice. It has the apps, the touch screen, the speed, functionality, web browsing, and GUI to compete. On top of that the 5mp camera and slide out keyboard give it even more versatility.

I think the only downside I could see was the weight. It was a bit heavy and the sides were not “grippy” enough when holding it. I thought I was going to drop it if I was not careful.

But otherwise it was a very nice phone. In fact, I saw an app on the phone that was downloaded from the Android marketplace that I did not see before. This is huge when a unique app catches my eye that Apple has not already blasted across their TV commercials. I then of course went to the Apple App store and tried to download the same one.

Side note: the same app was not there but I did find 5 other apps that all did the same thing with different levels of functionality.

Way to go Android, if you were on AT&T then I might be testing you out because I am up for an early upgrade.


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